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Video management and publishing is becoming a core part of the modern day educational institution – from teaching and learning, video assignments, and management of lecture capture content to digital libraries, public communications, recruitment, and live events. We offer flexible options to jumpstart a next generation video experience on your campus and establish essential multimedia infrastructure for a campus media repository. Select your core Smart Cast platform features and then add dedicated applications to serve specific needs on campus. Smart Cast offers both out of the box applications for LMS platforms, as well as flexible tools and APIs for custom integrations to meet special requirements.

Smart Cast solutions for universities and colleges:
  • Video Solutions for Teaching and Learning
  • Video Solutions for Marketing and Admissions
  • Video Solutions for Libraries and Archives
  • Central Media Repository on Campus
Video Solutions for Teaching and Learning

Use Smart Cast to engage students and improve learning results. Launch distance education courses, create digital classrooms, expose online library resources, and more.

Smart Cast Extensions for LMS Platforms

Solve the challenges of using video within the LMS while opening a whole new set of engaging teaching possibilities. Allow faculty and students to use media as easily and intuitively as they would other content objects.


Smart Cast MediaSpace – a YouTube™ for Your Campus

Step-up teaching, social learning, collaboration, marketing, community and athletics, by launching a Campus Tube. Reach more students, potential candidates, and alumni. Provide easy authoring, upload, moderation, publishing, search, browsing, and sharing of videos across devices. Create content channels for individual faculty members, departments, ad-hoc collaboration groups, alumni, athletics fans, and more.

Integration with Lecture Capture Systems & Other Campus Media Sources

Connect your lecture capture systems and other synchronous video environments to the Smart Cast media repository. We enable centralized management, search, archiving, and publishing of content created through your lecture capture systems, desktop publishing systems, or synchronous classroom videos.

Video Authoring Toolkit

Allow students and teachers to easily record, clip, and trim videos, as well as creating synchronized video-PPT presentations. Our video authoring tools can be integrated into your existing software environments and are built-in to many of our education products.

Video Solutions for Marketing and Admissions

Use video to engage visitors, promote your brand, and recruit new students. Create a next generation video experience on your institution’s websites or publish your video to iTunesU, YouTube and others. Generate leads for new student applicants, and host live public events using our video tools.

Smart Cast MediaSpace – Your Own Video Portal

Easy to install and customize, MediaSpace is an excellent way to showcase high-quality video content with minimal setup.

CMS Integrations

Enhance your campus websites with video. Add an additional layer of video to your CMS with our pre-integrated extensions.


Interactive Marketing and Admissions Toolkit

Integrate video to existing websites, supporting social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter. Allow users to participate and better connect with your institution.

Distribution & Syndication Modules

Reach the broadest audience by distributing your content to video destination sites such as YouTube, iTunesU, and others.

Direct traffic to your own site by creating video feeds and submitting them to third-party platforms such as Google, Yahoo!, and iTunes.


Video Solutions for Libraries and Archives

Allow students to search and browse library content. Leverage our advanced in-video search capabilities, as well as advanced flexible metadata schemas to create a structured and searchable archive.

Smart Cast MediaSpace – your own media publishing portal

Create a next generation video website for your content. Publish videos according to categories, and allow users to search and interact with content.

Integrations with Existing Library Systems

Connect your existing library systems to Smart Cast and add a layer of video and rich-media to your archive. We enable centralized management, search, archiving, and publishing of content fully integrated with the systems you already have in place.


Smart Cast On-Prem Edition

Smart Cast offers the only solution that allows you to completely own, manage, host and deliver your services within your own infrastructure.

Media Archiving, Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Our advanced technologies protect your content and ensure it remains intact at all times.

Create a Central Media Repository on Campus

Manage all rich-media content in one central repository, accessible via multiple applications. Ingest content from any content source – lecture capture, webcam, uploads, live broadcasts - and publish to multiple outlets.

Smart Cast SharePoint Video Extension

Easily migrate large volumes of media from existing locations and formats. Organize, search, view, reuse and distribute media assets via native SharePoint screens. Create a central location for knowledge sharing. Use our tools to capture and publish lectures and events.

Smart Cast Management and Publishing Console (KMC)

Manage, publish and syndicate your entire rich-media collection – all through one centralized console. The KMC can be used as an independent application, or operate as an administrative interface supporting other Smart Cast applications. Perform bulk ingestion and upload, manage metadata, design and configure players, create playlists, view analytics, configure live streaming, syndication, access control, and more.


Smart Cast Digital Asset Management, LMS and CMS Integrations

Enhance your campus websites with video through our integrations with learning management systems and content management system. Video is seamlessly added as an additional layer to your existing systems.

Smart Cast Hosting, Archiving and Storage Solutions

Leverage our state-of-the-art hosting and storage facilities or mange everything on your own servers using Smart Cast software.

Smart Cast User Permissions

Manage users across multiple Smart Cast applications, or integrate with existing systems and authentication methods, such as LDAP, and Shibboleth.

Video Solutions for Educational Publishers

Transform your publishing strategy and platforms with video. Repurpose legacy content for publishing on desktop and mobile devices. Add interactive media tools, lecture capture, media assignments, video testing, and more. Streamline and centralize your management of digital media content allowing integrated search and discovery across your asset management environments.

Media & Mobile Publishing Integration Toolkit

Integrate a layer of video in your existing websites and applications. Enhance your communications with rich-media, and publish videos for viewers to consume on any device.


Smart Cast MediaSpace™ – Your Own media Publishing Outlet

Create a next generation video website to showcase your content. Publish videos according to categories. Allow users to search and interact with content.

Lecture Capture "Light"
Allow students and professors to record from their webcam and create synchronized video-PowerPoint presentations.


Student Authoring and Assessment Tool

Encourage interactive learning with video assignments. Enhance faculty training programs with rich-media and integrate video into existing assessment systems.

Media Management and Publishing Infrastructure
Leverage Smart Cast open framework and architecture to build your own custom workflows and applications.

Video Solutions for Educational Technology Companies

Join us in powering the next generation of educational technology and transform the learning experience. By adopting our multimedia infrastructure and integration toolkits, you can focus on your core product, while we handle the complexities of media. Use Smart Cast to enable mobile video publishing, media authoring, end user recording and capture, management, analytics, transcoding, and more. Our solution engineers will help you determine the best media strategy for your product, and support your integration and design.

Integration Infrastructure

Use our integration tools and experience to add a seamless layer of rich-media to your existing systems.

Lecture Capture "Light"

Allow students and professors to record video from their webcams and create synchronized video-PowerPoint presentations.

Media & Mobile Publishing Integration Infrastructure

Allow educational institutions to enrich their communications with rich-media, and publish videos on any device. Use our infrastructure to create custom workflows and applications for your specific needs.

Video Solutions for K-12

With limited time in the physical classroom, K12 educators are looking for remote and secure ways to extend the learning experience. With our platform, you can create online or blended learning environments that utilize rich media to its fullest, and enhance engagement with today’s technology-driven students.

Online Digital Library Toolkit

Publish your school library’s media securely, and allow students and teachers to access content anywhere, anytime, on any device. Support online learning initiatives and common standards by sharing rich media content from virtually any source.

Video Assignments and User Analytics

Engage students with video assignments, and view analytics to gain insight into student viewing behaviors.


Smart Cast MediaSpace – a District or State-wide ‘YouTube’

Launch a video destination site for teaching or library materials. Enable media sharing among principals, administrators, teachers and students – even parents and the general public. Configure MediaSpace as a central YouTube-like environment or allow individual schools in the district to use their own spaces. The possibilities are endless.

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